What should prepare before starting three roll mill ?

We know that the grinding machine is a way to use a very wide range of machinery and equipment, we can also see the emergence of a wide range of grinding machine. Today, we have to understand three-roll mill is a kind of character, grinding machine.

First, we can see three roll mill consists of three rollers mounted iron rack, but their installation can be selected. We can put them to the level of installation, but also allows them to tilt. However, we do not care how to install, we have a very good guarantee their center is in a straight line. Three roll mill three roller squeeze each other they are rotate at different speeds cause friction and reaches the grinding effect.

During boot, to do the preparatory work is running.

The location of each component, we have to check the three roll mill is not normal, not some loose. Then, we give some special locations with a little lubricant, then we can power.

2, then we need to carry out the revolver and regulation of the right wheel. We also observed that the roller-linked no problem.

3, below, we have to clean, wipe with a soft paper or a clean cotton. But also to release the blocking plate knob.

4, finally, we want to do is to adjust the distance of a good roll and roll. After this adjustment, we can turn on the power.

Until such work is done, we can make three roll mill to work. Even in three roll mill to work process, we can not be taken lightly, we have to constantly concerned about the dynamic of the three roller mill. And go to some common questions. Therefore, the working status of the three roll mill with our day-to-day operation and maintenance are inseparable.

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