What are the common faults of the lid basket mill?

At present, we could well find that a good different types of grinding machine into our production. The grinding machine in order to better adapt our production and life of their own has also been some improvements in the long-term development of their performance is also engaged in continuous optimization. Us to understand a new Lid Basket Mill. This grinding machine is developed on the basis of a basket grinding machine from. So, in many aspects than the basket grinder with more advantages. Now, we take a look, there will be a common failure in the operation of the Lid basket grinder? These failures, we should be how to deal with it?

1, if we are operating with Lid basket grinding machine and found that the feed inlet can not be normal suction. At this time, we should react to it were not some congestion. We first want to check is the filter is not blocked, and then re-check the machine feed pump does not appear worn. If the above are no problem, then we have to look at the pipe of the Lid Basket Mill is not released into the air.

2, in general, we find that with Lid basket grinding machine carrying out its work, its operation is very balanced, if we find Lid basket grinder at work when a sudden decline of the dispersion speed. We tend to think of the scattered disk, we can stop and then view the scattered disk there is no wear and tear, Then take a look at the materials do not need to supplement.

With the above understanding, we know, with lid basket mill in the operation of the process is to a lot of observation, but also to do some preparatory work. As long as we are always in operation with Lid basket grinding machine for maintenance, then the Lid basket grinding machine performance is getting better and better.

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