What are the grinding machine on the controller device

The basket mill is a grinding tools that is painted or embedded abrasive, it is a grinding tool that grind on the surface of the workpiece. It's applicable to grind the workpieces with various different shapes grinding surface. The grinding machine control system for the PLC as the core of the stepless speed regulation system, according to actual needs, it can easily adjust the various components of the grinding speed most suitable for grinding. The grinding machine to use electricity - gas ratio valve closed loop feedback. Following let's introduce the characteristics of the grinding machine.

The grinding machine use a pressure control, it can independently regulate the pressure of the device. The upper plate of the machine set a slow down function device, which can be very effective to prevent thin and very brittle workpiece knocked broken. It can be controlled by a time relay according to processing requirements, and accurately set the grinding time, grinding counter is according to processing requirements and accurate settings to control the number of cycles of grinding. This can get the mode that automatically adjusts in the working, which can be achieved we need to set the grinding time and set the lap, you can set these automatically shut down, or give birth to the alarm of the prompt, in the absence case can achieve semi-automatic operation.

Grinding machine reasonablly equiped with the above installations can increase the degree of automation of the wet grinding, the machine can be reduced some unnecessary waste of labor, and improve the speed of the machine to a large extent reduce the production cost and improve the production efficiency of the grinding machine.

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