The grinding principle of centerless grinder of grinding machine

Because of the extensive use of Chemical Equipment , a variety of grinding technology are endless. Then how much can we grasp for this technology? This grinding method is called centerless grinder grinding, then what is the characteristics of it? Below, let me make briefly explain.

First of all, this centerless grinder is a horizontal size, this centerless grinding machine is particularly suitable for use in a small installation space, but also to simplify the production line and save space. Grinding wheel dressing unit is set in the top of the centerless grinding machine grinding wheel tilt down position, so do not have to keep the side of the grinding wheel for grinding wheel dressing unit space, the lateral dimensions of the space with traditional centerless grinder mining transportation equipment is very closely related. This can greatly narrow the horizontal size of the centerless grinding machine and installed centerless grinder in a small installation space, so as to satisfy the requirements to simplify various production lines and save space.

Second, heart research cutting is made of grinding wheel, adjusted wheel and workpiece carriers these three parts. The grinding Laboratory Roller Mills is served as the grinding work, through adjusted wheel to control the rotation of the workpiece and the workpiece feed speed. The workpiece carriers are supporting the workpiece in the grinding of these three parts can be several kinds with centerless grinder stopped grinding, except the principle is the same.

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