The effect of grinding machine removing wax water

Removing wax water is similar to removing oil, the wet grinding on the adhesion of the impurities and dirt have a good clear wax water is also a water-based mixture of surfactant-based, the other on metal materials play a buffer corrosion effect of solvent, such as multi-purpose cleaning detergent, and it has excellent wettability and good permeability, fast infiltrated deep fat dirt outside faster excellent peeling difficult to remove the wax scale can be quickly stripped out of the metal interface. The product is the most important addition to the characteristics of the wax scale is: it has a very strong role in the emulsification and solubilization effect, while it has the role of the complexing agent, it can largely reduce the wax scale again gather and re-contamination of the metal hydroxides, so it is with a strong detergent. Parts of the surface clean and free of residue remaining film. In addition, in addition to the December water hydrophilic groups and hydrophobic groups of these two groups have a reasonable balance, so it is in the water-soluble on washing rising of water on a good performance.

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