The advantages of three roll mill in the production of ink

Now, we known more and more grinding machine equipments. Moreover, we can see these grinders are very characteristic. So, when we want to buy a grinding machine, there will be a lot of categories for us to choose. Well, which says that all the grinding machines can be very appropriate with our production and lives. Their function is also in constant refinement and specialization. Today we have to understand is a characteristics of the three roll mill. Let's take a look at what advantages of it in the production of ink?

So, if we want to carry out the production and grinding of the ink, what kind of grinder should we choose? This problem is actually very simple. Because people understanding the ink production know that in all production ink formulations, only pigment is a very difficult to disperse materials. So, if we can solve well this issue of the grinding raw materials, we can make it used in the production of ink.

We know that three roll bead mill its main feature is that it has three roller, moreover, the three rollers with different speed to rotate. Such a three roll mill will use its very powerful shear force to a certain degree of dispersion and grinding. So, during the pigment grinding, three roll mill can also play a good role.

In short, we can see three roll mill during the grinding process of the ink pigment has very advantage, its three rollers through a certain extrusion to get the paint fully decentralized. So using three roll mill to produce ink is very advantageous.

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