The application of nano-grinding machine in the screen-hole version printing ink

First, we can see the types of grinding machine are very many, in order to better adapt to our production and living, these mills are also constantly engaged in the improvement and development. So, some mills we are seeing have a certain features. Moreover, we can see the scope of their application are also quite extensive. Today we recognize this new type of grinding machine: nano-grinding machine is a very wide range of grinding machine.

Secondly, we can see a number of different types of ink products. Moreover, in the lives of our production, but also can take advantage of them. Now, the new ink products are also very much, today we have to recognize a new ink products - wire mesh hole printing ink.

Well, we know that is in the process of production of ink, ink for the abrasive effect of the grinding process and grinding machine is very high. Moreover, this new type of screen hole printing ink. Then we select the grinding machine for wet grinding when it should be more attention to the performance of the grinding machine.

Now, we can see the use of nano-grinding machine mesh porous printing ink. That is because the material of the mesh hole printing ink can be more fully under the nano-grinding machine grinding dispersed. Moreover, we found that nano-grinding machine grinding out of the hole printing ink material is very small, and some can even reach the nanometer level. So, the name of the nano-grinding machine is equally well-deserved.

Overall, in the process of production mesh hole printing ink, we can find basket mill has many advantages. After we used nano-grinding machine, which will have more advantages.

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