The types and characteristics of the stone grinding machines

In the inside of the stoneware factory, we often see all kinds of types of stone grinding machine, stone grinding machine for the production of a lot of help, the following to take stock of the three common types of stone grinding machinery and their respective characteristics,making full knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of these machines, in order to later be able to make better use of machines to improve efficiency.

First, the bridge grinding machine

Bridge grinding machine is grinding, polishing principle, according to the operating characteristics of the hand mill to transform the generic from the production of stone processing pipeline based on stone processing enterprises. Bridge grinding machine voltage of 220V, 380V two kinds; power is generally between 3.5-7.5KW; general marble disc speed of 480 rev / min, the granite disc speed of 1700 rev / min, using a variable frequency stepless speed; the general weight of 210kg-310kg, the advantage of the weight of the foot, a wide range of use abrasive, good grinding force on the implementation of the ground, construction of high efficiency.

Second, the long, multi-disc grinding machine

Long, multi-disc grinding machine is to learn from the works of the bridge grinding machines and single head disc design. Long, multi-disc grinding machine voltage 220V, 380V are two kinds of power is generally between 3.5-7.5kw; general grinding head speed of 600 rev / min, planetary grinding head speed at 1500 rev / min -2600 rev / min weight of 140kg-350kg. The features and easy to master, easy operation, high safety performance.

Head, single disc machines

The single-head disc machine voltage is 220V; power is generally between 1.5-2.5KW; speed is generally at 150-300 rpm / min; the general weight of between 45kg-100kg. Suitable for a small area for construction.

The general types of stone three roller mill is three, but in the specific industry production and there will be some differences in specific circumstances to keep reality in line with the current production needs is its most important purpose.

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