How does the disc sand mill proceed with the cleaning

The usual maintenance of any laboratory mills and equipment are very important, while the cleaning is also the conservation of an important aspect. This will not only make it more clean looking, but also to facilitate its work. So, how to clean the disc sand mill? Hold cleaning after cleaning and grinding disc sand mill cleaning is divided into grinding, both the cleaning method is not the same.

First of all, if it is to be cleaned before grinding.

Prepared in the container in advance the amount of solvent cleaning, the best, depending on the disc sand mill to prepare for a different detergent. Then connect the process line, to connect in the following order: premixed tanks, pumps, cylinder then there are waste solvents barrels. Enable the pump, the solvent once through the cylinder. I remember during the cleaning process to use the filter paper test export of solvent, and then by matching colors, test cleaning eligibility. After passing the cleaning, you can shut down to end of cleaning.

Then, if it is to be cleaned after grinding.

Ready for resin, to go through prior matching, but also placing it in a clean container. Then connect varnish cans and disc sand mill, followed first by the principle. Finally, start the feed pump. In the cleaning process and pay attention to the continuous rotation turntable. When cleaning, have to constantly testing with test paper, until it reaches the standard.

Therefore, regular cleaning of the disc sand mill is necessary, because of the disc sand mills have some impurities, timely cleanup will prevent impurities stuck to the machine parts, but also to enhance the purity of the material, to prevent polluting material.

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