The analysis of three main grinding polishing techniques

At present, the types of Wet Grinding and polishing products are very many on the market, from the technical principle, usually we can approximately divided them into three types:

First, physical grinding. Finished by physical grinding the grinding particles of irregular diamond-shaped state, finesse types of machines ranging from coarse to fine at all levels are relatively complete, and very good physical grinding. Oxidation scratches effect, is the market mainstream grinding and polishing technology. With angular coarse abrasives will always be making unnecessary secondary minor scratches to produce, which requires the operator to a grinding, or two or more grinding in operation, you need more detailed down makes the program very complex, and at the same time inevitably cause a certain degree of damage on the paint. Too frequent use of such abrasive Super Mill, can cause the paint is more dependent on the polishing and waxing, varnish layer will be further behind the thinner, making the brightness of the original paint greatly reduced.

Second, the physical grinding and covered grounding. Through physical grinding and covered grinding to grind out the finished products, just throw after crude scratches hour gone, and accompanied by a bright effect, but in the sunlight, there will be more obvious minor scratches on the optical rotation have occurred the reasons for this phenomenon, a considerable portion of the scratches on the wax or oil composition of the resin filled, not the true meaning removal, because of oil is too large, polished hair ball movement routes would make its produce the optical rotation lines. This polishing is very easy cleaning two or three times, scratches will be the re-emergence, has strong nature of the deception induced.

Third, compare the top rare grinding technology, delay broken polishing techniques. Broken abrasive polishing techniques showed a delay of round glass beads, will not cause secondary grinding scratches on the surface of the workpiece, while the temperature of the paint is not able to effectively carry out a more subtle and deep polishing, this polishing technology to ensure the effect, Basket Mill is also the maximum possible reduction in polishing paint damage.

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