The care and maintenance of three roll mill

Three Roll Mill is now widely used in a variety of industries, deficiencies and defects of its traditional grinding machines were improved, more advantages compared to conventional grinding machine. Magnetic grinding machine advantage of high efficiency, the quality of the products produced reliable and secure, easy to learn, without adverse impact on the operating personnel or the surrounding environment or pollution, can effectively reduce costs, to liberate the productive forces, thereby enhancing profit margins.

Repair and maintenance
First, the magnetic grinding machine polishing barrels leaking the end of thorns polishing the needle can be used pliers to remove, add a little glue.
Second, timing devices, magnetic grinding machine is not flashing, check whether they have to press the start switch, if not press, just press can be.
Third, the magnetic grinding machine polishing bucket of water if they are overheating, In general, under normal conditions, water temperature should be around 50 degrees Celsius, is too high, you must promptly change the water operating.
Fourth, a huge shock, magnetic grinding machine, you need to check whether the machine is placed on a smooth, while each corner by location, and more practical for the length of the adjustment.
Fifth, the directions of magnetic grinding machine showed normal, but the Basket Mills still does not cloud can check the voltage is 220 volts, or polishing the needle into the amount is too much.

Routine maintenance
First, the magnetic abrasive machine in the course of polishing liquid spilled into the machine should be cleaned timely, the purpose of doing so is to prevent the liquid to cause unnecessary damage to the surface of the machine.
Second, completion of the second, magnetic grinding machine stops running, to use a rag and cleaned the surface of the machine.
Third, the magnetic grinding machine when not in use, the need to control panel using plastic bags to trap the purpose in doing so can prevent the dust to prevent stains.
Fourth, magnetic Grinding Machine put the barrel polishing tank if polishing the needle exist, you need to make timely clean-up.

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