The maintenance of vibration grinding machine

Today, there are an increasing number of processing enterprises in the production process applied to the vibration Chemical Equipment. In the operation process of the normal vibration grinding machine, generally do not carry out routine maintenance and maintenance, so long down, vibration grinding machine will be some failures, which delayed the normal production work, affecting work efficiency, improve enterprise production and processing costs, reducing the company's profit margins, making the products in the market and declining competitiveness, which is not conducive to good development.

According to all the experience obtained in the process of production operations in the use of vibration grinding machine, we concluded that the following must be noted that maintenance issues:

The core components of the vibration grinding machine is the vibration motor, a vibration grinding machine failures are mostly motor abnormalities, so we have to be concerned about the routine maintenance of the motor vibration grinding machine. A special motor is the motor of the vibration grinding machine, it requires great attention to the lubrication of motor bearings, the use of lubricating oil must be appropriate, the use of lubricants more each week to give him a shot once a high-temperature lubricants. The small vibration grinding machine, its capacity in 50 to 150 liters, lubricant each time the best injected into the 100CC is appropriate, the Dayou gun to squeeze 30 or so; medium vibration grinding machine, it capacity of between 150 to 350 liters of lubricants each injection to 200CC is appropriate, that is, extrusion in Dayou gun case 60 under; large vibration grinding machine, its capacity of 350 liters more each lubricating oil should be injected to the 300CC is appropriate, that is, extrusion in Dayou gun case 90 under.

In addition, the power cord of the vibration grinding machine motors need to be reinforced, waterproof, and other measures to increase the power cord should pack a layer of waterproof and wear-resistant hose, this can prevent the power cord to be worn, resulting in leakage phenomenon of trip Basket Mill equipped with a frequency converter, be sure to ground wire.


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