Notes of Lab Sand Mill

Often, in many cases, because of operator is unskilled and method of operation is incorrect for Sand Mills equipment, there often occurred accident about the operational safety aspects. Then what matters should be noted when plane grinding machine in the using course?

Plane Grinding Machine operator must be a certain understanding of the device structure and performance, should not exceed the use of performance equipment. Power equipment must first be empty running to view the operation is stable, with or without abnormal noise. If any, must be shut down for inspection. Before grinding the parts, we must clean up the parts. During the grinding process, we must be the actual grinding of parts at the appropriate time, add abrasive, but also need to control the amount of water added. The work is completed, the grinding machine stops running, you must cut off the power, cleaning equipment, and equipment maintenance and maintenance work to do.

In accordance with the requirements of safe operation, before the boot operation, you should want to check the screws tighten, check the motor shaft's rotation is flexible. If the device is in the process of operation and found abnormal, you should stop immediately. Every six months, you should check all bearings, and bearing grease in the mouth with lithium base grease. Work should be cut off power supply to prevent equipment idling.

Host and analysis of the steering is correct. The host should be in accordance with operational requirements, run time of one hour or more. Empty load running at the same time, the host should be roller device fastened purpose of doing so is to avoid the roller and grinding ring some contact in mutual combat, if the conditions were not right, you can also roller device demolition. In the case of a host empty the load test run, in accordance with the provisions of the lubricating oil can not be higher than eight hundred degrees Celsius, the temperature rise can not be higher than 400 degrees Celsius. Analysis Lab Sand Mill operation should be smooth, no abnormal sounds, and to ensure that the oil is not a blocking phenomenon.

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