The characteristics of the pneumatic lift basket mill

The pneumatic lift basket mill is a relatively new type of wet grinding equipment, the working efficiency of basket mill is relatively high, use seals device, less residue and easy to clean. In addition, appearance structure of the pneumatic lift basket mill machine is simple, lightweight and flexible, the possession of space is smaller, which is one of the current state-of-the-art grinding equipment.


The pneumatic lift basket mill machine adopts AC motor-driven device, the grinding machine break the traditional adjusting speed mode of use imported inverter, use high-speed rotation of the blade wheel to absord the materials to grinding chamber, and reach to the effect of grinding by the impact and friction.


The scattered disk is on the bottom of pneumatic lift basket mill, which is through the high-speed rotation to make its around create a vacuum, then sucked out the material from the grinding chamber, to a certain extent play the role of the loop. The function of the grinding machine is complete and can be used as a multifunctional machine,which reduce the peripheral equipment of traditional processing equipment, it is more convenient to use, significantly reduce production costs as well as improving productivity.


In addition, basket mill with Siemens explosion-proof function, to some extent, ensure that the safety of the staffs, use imported oxidized zirconium beads as grinding media in accordance with the special needs of the user for non-standard design, decentralized set, grinding one, smooth movements, the structure solid and durable, suitable for Chinese and industrial production industries with high fineness requirements.


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Note matters of using three roll mill

The Three Roll Mill is referred to as three-roll machine, generally divided into the experimental type and production type. Three roll mill is horizontally mounted three rollers so as to achieve constant speed of compression and friction grinding effect. It is currently the most effective grinding and dispersion equipment for high viscosity materials, mainly used in paint, ink, paint, plastic, pulp manufacturing industry.


During using grinding machine process, we have to pay attention to various matters. So that we can improve the grinding effect, to extend its use life.


1, before operation, we need to take a series of checks to ensure that the machine can be more normal and safe operation. First, you want to view the total power to see if the switch is normal. Moreover, we have to see whether the circulating water is cooling or not. Until the end of the all check, and there is no exception, you can begin to work.


2, when in operation Three Roller Mill, we also can not be careless, it is best to arrange people for care, to pay attention to its dynamics. For example, the observation of oil tank to see if there is oil overflow. Moreover, another point is to attach the roller debris, should be shut down for processing.


3,Finally, wait until after the three roll mill to stop working, it should not be set aside indifferent. Clean-up of the grinding machine is very important, so is the same for the three roll mill. Production after our best to be timely cleaning, the first roller should be washed, but we can not ignore the health of the Grinding Machine around.


In fact, do the safe operation is very simple. Only need a little more patience, we can do the qualified production and the production of security.



The main structure of the bipyramid rod sand mill

Bipyramid rod sand Mill get the majority of the consumers' favorite with its very stable performance, and a very mature technology. At the same time, the rod horizontal cone sand mill is one of the very wide range of production equipment.


Bipyramid rod sand mill biconical very slit structure of the grinding chamber has a very good grinding effect, and the efficiency of the grinding of the material is also very high, bipyramid rod sand mill consumption of grinding media is very small, the residues of its cylinder materials are also very small, have the advantages of be very effective to minimize the use cost.


Bipyramid rod sand mill grinding cylinder is to use a manual hydraulic system, are more convenient in the disassembly there cleaning when grinding cylinder is to use a very high degree of wear of the alloy steel, is the most critical technologies of the bipyramid rod sander, while the interior of the bipyramid rod sanding machines can also be replaced, very thorough solution to the more traditional sanding machine materials pollution.


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