The main features and principles of high shear dispersing emulsifier

There are more and more processing enterprises adopting the high shear emulsifying emulsifier nowadays, but many operators of the machine may not be quite familiar with its main features and principles. Let’s have a look at the following analysis of more details.

The high-shear dispersing Three Roll Mills is efficient, fast, uniform one phase or multiple phase distribution to another continuous phase which, in normal circumstances, between the respective phases are mutually soluble. Within the very narrow gaps of the stator and rotor due to the kinetic energy of the mechanical effect of the very high speed of rotation of the rotor produced by the high tangential velocity.

There is a high frequency is very strong, so that the material by the very strong mechanical to hydraulic shearing, centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction, impact and tear there is turbulence, such as a series of integrated role. The high shear dispersing emulsifier is suitable for use in to restore milk, starch, CMC, suspension, body wash, preparations, hand sanitizer, resins, detergents, pigments, paints and other products which dispersed and emulsified.

So that those immiscible solid phase, liquid gas phase at a relatively mature technology there are more appropriate amount of the additive under the action of a common instantaneous uniform fine dispersed and emulsified through a high-frequency cycle, repeated has been very stable, high-quality products. The pneumatic lift low cost and easy to move, two-way feed, and is not dead!

The high shear emulsifying emulsifier can achieve high and fine emulsifying efficiency. It remains less residual and is convenient to clean, and is suitable for wet emulsifying tests for factories, research institutes and universities. To know the details of the main features and principles of high shear dispersing Industrial Mixer is necessary work for the operator to do.

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