How does horizontal sand mill achieve the maximize economic effects

At present, we can know the horizontal sand grinder is a very extensive series of sand mill. Moreover, it has many features and benefits, be suitable for grinding of many materials. Therefore, from this aspect we know that horizontal sand mill can bring some economic effects, then let's take a look at how does horizontal sand mill achieve the maximize economic effects?

1, first, because the horizontal sand mill production and its dispersion efficiency is also high. Horizontal sand mill it can be continuously produced, due to its dispersion, the corresponding output is also great.

2, and later because of the economic security of horizontal sand mill. It is a sealed process, so that you can save the cost of the solvent, so we can arrive on the corresponding investment. And its design is very sophisticated, so do not take up any space. Horizontal lab bead mill and its noise is also very small, so even in the middle of the night operation, we can be assured.

3, there is a horizontal sand mill color change easy, easy loading and unloading washing. The design of the horizontal sand mill is a very good taking into account the factors that change color, so our operation can be carried out very, very easy cleaning.

4, there is that the the selection of horizontal sand mill is very would like to know, so it is more durable. In order to meet its compact design, the choice of some very high wear-resistant steel, so its wear resistance is very good. Overall, the original imported variable speed machine, with a special material pump. So its failure is relatively small.

In short, by the above we can see that the features of horizontal lab sand mill are distinctive, these good advantages can make the horizontal sand mill achieve the maximum economic effects.


The characteristics of horizontal sand mill in the paint application

Sand mills are being widely used, I believe that each person's life are inseparable from it, due to the progress of the times, the sand grinder is constantly developing and updating. Many sand mills appear in our production and lives. Moreover, these different types of sand mills have different features and benefits, they can well match with our production and living. Then we take a look at the horizontal sand mill in paint production, how to apply them?

We first try to understand a simple production process of the coating:

First of all, the first is pre-dispersed, and this process it is mainly mixed appropriate a certain decentralized. We then grinding and dispersion, which is the main part of the paint production. Then there are the paint, and finally, we are filtering and packaging.
The following, we take a look at the horizontal sand mill is how the production of paint?

A certain understanding, we learned that the horizontal sand mill and horizontal straight sand mill and horizontal cone sand mill can be divided into these two. No matter what form, are similar in coatings applications. Horizontal sand mills the powder state materials for solid break and liquid phase dispersion and a mechanical grinding. So, is ideally suited to the production of coatings with a horizontal sand mill. Moreover, we can recognize the structure of the horizontal sand mill is very compact and tight. Therefore, the related materials for the production of coatings produced in a very confined state, so, so very effective to prevent paint materials dry then there are skinning a range of issues. There is a solvent of the volatile phenomenon, we also can be a good stop. Another horizontal sand mill, it should not be very professional installation anywhere directly to our production needs to change the installation location. So the horizontal sand mill, it is most suitable for very thin coating products for the higher dispersion viscosity and particle size requirements.



How does the disc sand mill proceed with the cleaning

The usual maintenance of any laboratory mills and equipment are very important, while the cleaning is also the conservation of an important aspect. This will not only make it more clean looking, but also to facilitate its work. So, how to clean the disc sand mill? Hold cleaning after cleaning and grinding disc sand mill cleaning is divided into grinding, both the cleaning method is not the same.

First of all, if it is to be cleaned before grinding.

Prepared in the container in advance the amount of solvent cleaning, the best, depending on the disc sand mill to prepare for a different detergent. Then connect the process line, to connect in the following order: premixed tanks, pumps, cylinder then there are waste solvents barrels. Enable the pump, the solvent once through the cylinder. I remember during the cleaning process to use the filter paper test export of solvent, and then by matching colors, test cleaning eligibility. After passing the cleaning, you can shut down to end of cleaning.

Then, if it is to be cleaned after grinding.

Ready for resin, to go through prior matching, but also placing it in a clean container. Then connect varnish cans and disc sand mill, followed first by the principle. Finally, start the feed pump. In the cleaning process and pay attention to the continuous rotation turntable. When cleaning, have to constantly testing with test paper, until it reaches the standard.

Therefore, regular cleaning of the disc sand mill is necessary, because of the disc sand mills have some impurities, timely cleanup will prevent impurities stuck to the machine parts, but also to enhance the purity of the material, to prevent polluting material.