How to operate the mill




Mill looks like a vertical machine from the surface.


The mills bed seat and the bedpost, for two sports: on the disc (grinding) on the mills spindle rotation and disc (installation of the workpiece table) rotation by the motor drive. Workpiece freedom on the isolation plate, isolation disk is a workpiece shape incision of the disc. Cast iron plate coated with a fine abrasive powder. Isolation plate containing the workpiece to swing by the eccentric wheel and move between the upper and lower disc, thus ensuring uniform grinding the number of revolutions of the two discs, rotating in the same direction or the opposite direction. The workpiece seat on the isolation plate made ​​of the size of a small gap, and workpiece are arranged in the entire circumference of the isolation plate, and each workpiece axis is not isolated disk radius direction, but with the radius of each other into some perspective.


If the workpiece radial placement, then get a different line speed at each point in the length of the workpiece, therefore makes the workpiece to form the cone, but leave the farthest a diameter becomes smaller. The radius of workpiece and isolation plate placement into some perspective to get the right cylindrical. Therefore, adjust the Bead Mill when particular attention to the choice of some angle. If this angle is too large, then the edge will be formed on the workpiece.


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The features and advantages of the sand mill

At present, we can see the use range of three roll mills is very wide. We all know that the sand mill has another name called bead mill, which mainly because it is through a certain mixture of beads and materials to achieve the grinding effect.

At present, the sand mill is mainly used in some aspects of the chemical liquid products, at the same time, it uses a wet grinding. Through our understanding, we can know that the sand mill has a lot of types, but we can roughly divided sand mill into vertical sand mill, horizontal sand mill, basket mill, rod sand mill and other forms.

After we use the sand mill, you will find the characteristic of the sand mill is very obvious. First of all, we can see the sand mill can be adapted to many different grinding processes. So, we want to grind a number of different products, we also can make a small sand mill to take this entire task. In other words, the adaptability of the sand mill and practicality are very strong.

Secondly, after use the sand mill, we also find that it has an advantage, that is, which can very easily control the sand mill grinding fineness by regulating grinding media of sand mill. So, no matter what products we grind, as long as we use different types of grinding media, which will produce different grinding effect.

In short, from the above some analysis, we can find that sand mill is a high-efficiency production. At the same time, we can well find it also has the continuity. In addition, the cost of the lab mills is very low. Finally, we are grinding out the fineness of material is able to achieve a certain level. In short, we can explain that the sand mill can be widely used in the market.


The effect of grinding machine removing wax water

Removing wax water is similar to removing oil, the wet grinding on the adhesion of the impurities and dirt have a good clear wax water is also a water-based mixture of surfactant-based, the other on metal materials play a buffer corrosion effect of solvent, such as multi-purpose cleaning detergent, and it has excellent wettability and good permeability, fast infiltrated deep fat dirt outside faster excellent peeling difficult to remove the wax scale can be quickly stripped out of the metal interface. The product is the most important addition to the characteristics of the wax scale is: it has a very strong role in the emulsification and solubilization effect, while it has the role of the complexing agent, it can largely reduce the wax scale again gather and re-contamination of the metal hydroxides, so it is with a strong detergent. Parts of the surface clean and free of residue remaining film. In addition, in addition to the December water hydrophilic groups and hydrophobic groups of these two groups have a reasonable balance, so it is in the water-soluble on washing rising of water on a good performance.

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