Note matters of using three roll mill

The Three Roll Mill is referred to as three-roll machine, generally divided into the experimental type and production type. Three roll mill is horizontally mounted three rollers so as to achieve constant speed of compression and friction grinding effect. It is currently the most effective grinding and dispersion equipment for high viscosity materials, mainly used in paint, ink, paint, plastic, pulp manufacturing industry.


During using grinding machine process, we have to pay attention to various matters. So that we can improve the grinding effect, to extend its use life.


1, before operation, we need to take a series of checks to ensure that the machine can be more normal and safe operation. First, you want to view the total power to see if the switch is normal. Moreover, we have to see whether the circulating water is cooling or not. Until the end of the all check, and there is no exception, you can begin to work.


2, when in operation Three Roller Mill, we also can not be careless, it is best to arrange people for care, to pay attention to its dynamics. For example, the observation of oil tank to see if there is oil overflow. Moreover, another point is to attach the roller debris, should be shut down for processing.


3,Finally, wait until after the three roll mill to stop working, it should not be set aside indifferent. Clean-up of the grinding machine is very important, so is the same for the three roll mill. Production after our best to be timely cleaning, the first roller should be washed, but we can not ignore the health of the Grinding Machine around.


In fact, do the safe operation is very simple. Only need a little more patience, we can do the qualified production and the production of security.



The Difference Between Grinding Machine And Milling Machine

Grinding Machine is mainly used in the super precision machining, in the process of super-precision processing, grinding machine is a common and very important processing methods, and his advantage is that the fine level of processing is very high, the scope of the processing materials is very broad. But the traditional grinding methods also have many drawbacks: such as processing efficiency is very low, the processing costs are relatively high, processing precision still with gaps and processing quality with instability and so on shortcomings. The mill is very widely used in the grinding and processing of mineral materials within the metallurgical, chemical, building materials, mining and other variety of the fields.

Which the control system in the grinding machine, the use of PLC technology as the core of the main control, mainly through text display interfaces for human-computer dialogue. Through the dialogue of this interface and machine, the machine gives more accurate information in the maintenance, operation, there are failures, and other aspects of the equipment; man-machine dialogue interface more intuitive and convenient, simple control of the program, there are very simple to manipulate. Full consideration to the manipulation of people not particularly under normal conditions of misuse, it's operation has no effect. Able to reach a new type grinding machine has improved compared to conventional grinding machines exist a variety of shortcomings, to effectively improve the overall level of the grinding process, to ensure the quality of finesse are processed in the processing of the grinding machine also a significant processing cost of greatly reduced, further increase the overall efficiency of the processing, making grinding technology to further the practical use, it can be more conducive to the promotion and application of the grinding machine, the effective promotion precision processing technology, advanced manufacturing technology development, greatly enhanced the strength to compete in the processing manufacturing industry, especially for revitalizing the northeast old industrial base has a very important significance.

The mill is widely used in the milling and processing of materials within the fields of metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, mining and other minerals. It is mainly based on a variety of different materials in the original fine required by discharging materials fineness, milling machine can be divided into Raymond mill, high pressure hanging roller mill, high pressure micro-powder mill, Straight Centrifugal Grinder, Super Pressure Trapezium Mill, three-ring medium speed mill these six kind types.

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Notes of Lab Sand Mill

Often, in many cases, because of operator is unskilled and method of operation is incorrect for Sand Mills equipment, there often occurred accident about the operational safety aspects. Then what matters should be noted when plane grinding machine in the using course?

Plane Grinding Machine operator must be a certain understanding of the device structure and performance, should not exceed the use of performance equipment. Power equipment must first be empty running to view the operation is stable, with or without abnormal noise. If any, must be shut down for inspection. Before grinding the parts, we must clean up the parts. During the grinding process, we must be the actual grinding of parts at the appropriate time, add abrasive, but also need to control the amount of water added. The work is completed, the grinding machine stops running, you must cut off the power, cleaning equipment, and equipment maintenance and maintenance work to do.

In accordance with the requirements of safe operation, before the boot operation, you should want to check the screws tighten, check the motor shaft's rotation is flexible. If the device is in the process of operation and found abnormal, you should stop immediately. Every six months, you should check all bearings, and bearing grease in the mouth with lithium base grease. Work should be cut off power supply to prevent equipment idling.

Host and analysis of the steering is correct. The host should be in accordance with operational requirements, run time of one hour or more. Empty load running at the same time, the host should be roller device fastened purpose of doing so is to avoid the roller and grinding ring some contact in mutual combat, if the conditions were not right, you can also roller device demolition. In the case of a host empty the load test run, in accordance with the provisions of the lubricating oil can not be higher than eight hundred degrees Celsius, the temperature rise can not be higher than 400 degrees Celsius. Analysis Lab Sand Mill operation should be smooth, no abnormal sounds, and to ensure that the oil is not a blocking phenomenon.

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