How to operate the mill




Mill looks like a vertical machine from the surface.


The mills bed seat and the bedpost, for two sports: on the disc (grinding) on the mills spindle rotation and disc (installation of the workpiece table) rotation by the motor drive. Workpiece freedom on the isolation plate, isolation disk is a workpiece shape incision of the disc. Cast iron plate coated with a fine abrasive powder. Isolation plate containing the workpiece to swing by the eccentric wheel and move between the upper and lower disc, thus ensuring uniform grinding the number of revolutions of the two discs, rotating in the same direction or the opposite direction. The workpiece seat on the isolation plate made ​​of the size of a small gap, and workpiece are arranged in the entire circumference of the isolation plate, and each workpiece axis is not isolated disk radius direction, but with the radius of each other into some perspective.


If the workpiece radial placement, then get a different line speed at each point in the length of the workpiece, therefore makes the workpiece to form the cone, but leave the farthest a diameter becomes smaller. The radius of workpiece and isolation plate placement into some perspective to get the right cylindrical. Therefore, adjust the Bead Mill when particular attention to the choice of some angle. If this angle is too large, then the edge will be formed on the workpiece.


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Work principle outline of the horizontal sand mill

The main structure of the horizontal Nano Mill, which are researched and developed by Sower Group,is made up of bracket, bearing, grinding, moving the disc, fixed disc activity grinding cover, pulley and motor combination. The work principle of horizontal sand mill is by rotation driven by the motor pulley, the pulley is then driven by the moving disc on the spindle rotation, moving disc and fixed disc relative rotation movement, the middle of the two materials can smash and from two cracks in the fall blanking box. Granularity of the material by adjusting the hand wheel to adjust the gap of two to achieve the purpose of control granularity.


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The characteristics of horizontal sand mill in the paint application

Sand mills are being widely used, I believe that each person's life are inseparable from it, due to the progress of the times, the sand grinder is constantly developing and updating. Many sand mills appear in our production and lives. Moreover, these different types of sand mills have different features and benefits, they can well match with our production and living. Then we take a look at the horizontal sand mill in paint production, how to apply them?

We first try to understand a simple production process of the coating:

First of all, the first is pre-dispersed, and this process it is mainly mixed appropriate a certain decentralized. We then grinding and dispersion, which is the main part of the paint production. Then there are the paint, and finally, we are filtering and packaging.
The following, we take a look at the horizontal sand mill is how the production of paint?

A certain understanding, we learned that the horizontal sand mill and horizontal straight sand mill and horizontal cone sand mill can be divided into these two. No matter what form, are similar in coatings applications. Horizontal sand mills the powder state materials for solid break and liquid phase dispersion and a mechanical grinding. So, is ideally suited to the production of coatings with a horizontal sand mill. Moreover, we can recognize the structure of the horizontal sand mill is very compact and tight. Therefore, the related materials for the production of coatings produced in a very confined state, so, so very effective to prevent paint materials dry then there are skinning a range of issues. There is a solvent of the volatile phenomenon, we also can be a good stop. Another horizontal sand mill, it should not be very professional installation anywhere directly to our production needs to change the installation location. So the horizontal sand mill, it is most suitable for very thin coating products for the higher dispersion viscosity and particle size requirements.