Work principle outline of the horizontal sand mill

The main structure of the horizontal Nano Mill, which are researched and developed by Sower Group,is made up of bracket, bearing, grinding, moving the disc, fixed disc activity grinding cover, pulley and motor combination. The work principle of horizontal sand mill is by rotation driven by the motor pulley, the pulley is then driven by the moving disc on the spindle rotation, moving disc and fixed disc relative rotation movement, the middle of the two materials can smash and from two cracks in the fall blanking box. Granularity of the material by adjusting the hand wheel to adjust the gap of two to achieve the purpose of control granularity.


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The Difference Between Grinding Machine And Milling Machine

Grinding Machine is mainly used in the super precision machining, in the process of super-precision processing, grinding machine is a common and very important processing methods, and his advantage is that the fine level of processing is very high, the scope of the processing materials is very broad. But the traditional grinding methods also have many drawbacks: such as processing efficiency is very low, the processing costs are relatively high, processing precision still with gaps and processing quality with instability and so on shortcomings. The mill is very widely used in the grinding and processing of mineral materials within the metallurgical, chemical, building materials, mining and other variety of the fields.

Which the control system in the grinding machine, the use of PLC technology as the core of the main control, mainly through text display interfaces for human-computer dialogue. Through the dialogue of this interface and machine, the machine gives more accurate information in the maintenance, operation, there are failures, and other aspects of the equipment; man-machine dialogue interface more intuitive and convenient, simple control of the program, there are very simple to manipulate. Full consideration to the manipulation of people not particularly under normal conditions of misuse, it's operation has no effect. Able to reach a new type grinding machine has improved compared to conventional grinding machines exist a variety of shortcomings, to effectively improve the overall level of the grinding process, to ensure the quality of finesse are processed in the processing of the grinding machine also a significant processing cost of greatly reduced, further increase the overall efficiency of the processing, making grinding technology to further the practical use, it can be more conducive to the promotion and application of the grinding machine, the effective promotion precision processing technology, advanced manufacturing technology development, greatly enhanced the strength to compete in the processing manufacturing industry, especially for revitalizing the northeast old industrial base has a very important significance.

The mill is widely used in the milling and processing of materials within the fields of metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, mining and other minerals. It is mainly based on a variety of different materials in the original fine required by discharging materials fineness, milling machine can be divided into Raymond mill, high pressure hanging roller mill, high pressure micro-powder mill, Straight Centrifugal Grinder, Super Pressure Trapezium Mill, three-ring medium speed mill these six kind types.

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The classification of Three Roll Mill grinding method

Three Roll Mill for grinding, and its methods In general, can be divided into wet grinding, dry grinding and semi-dry grinding these three kinds.

First, wet grinding, we turn also known as the deposited sand grinding in liquid abrasive uninterrupted add to smear the need for grinding the surface, so that we can make abrasive in machining parts between the lapping tool and do a sliding or rolling motion, and this will form the moral cutting movement as we know. Wet Grinding, this method is generally used in the processing of the initial coarse grinding stage.

Second, dry grinding, we again called embedded sand grinding in the surface layer of the lapping tool, abrasive suppress in which, and the requirements to achieve a uniform effect during the grinding time, we only need to research a coated the surface of a small number of auxiliary materials can be. The dry study of this method is generally used in the processing of the mid-fine grinding stage.

Third, semi-dry grinding, we turn called similar wetland research, re-grinding process, it is used for abrasive grinding paste rendered mushy, this grinding method can either use the manual manual can also be on the grinding machine to operate. When grinding using this method, the parts must be in before the grinding, pre-processing methods, the purpose of doing so is in order to achieve higher pre-processing sophistication, parts processed by this method, the general has a good finesse, the latter is mainly used in the processing, further grinding stage.

Different grinding characteristics of different grinding methods, applicable, is not the same, we should be combined to produce the quality of the parts according to the characteristics of the Three Roller Mill grinding methods, the sophistication of the finished product from the to be processed, processing cost and other aspects to consider, on balance, to make certain choices, so as to create a low-cost, high processing efficiency, and market competitive products, so that the company's profit margins to the next level.